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Junior High Construction Update 5/8/19

At Thomas Ewing, exterior doors, operable windows, and chilled beam HVAC units are being installed along with brick cleaning.  The entryway roof is installed and the first coat of paint has been applied in the main entrance section of the building.  Cabinetry is being installed in the single story classroom section, and drain piping is being installed in the locker room.  In the cafeteria section, the sprinkler system is being installed and drywall is being installed on the stage.  Ceiling grid, block fill and first coat of paint is being installed on the first floor of the two story section while HVAC controls wiring and technology wires are being installed on the first floor.  Earthwork continues on the turn lane, walks and curbs.

At General Sherman, the concrete slab floor has been poured in the cafeteria section of the building and the steel columns have been set.  The concrete slab floor has also been poured in the gymnasium section and the steel roof trusses have been installed.  Interior concrete block walls, roof drains, and storm piping is complete in both the main entrance and single story classroom sections while electric overhead conduit is being installed.  On the first floor of the two story classroom section, interior concrete block walls are complete while overhead electric conduit, sprinkler pipes and HVAC pipes are being installed.  On the second floor, interior concrete block walls and steel roof decks are complete while roof drains are being installed.

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