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JH Construction Update 7/31/19

At Thomas Ewing, The curbs have been poured in the rear parking lot and sidewalk construction is underway.  The topcoat of asphalt had been laid in the front of the building. Grading for the remaining sidewalks and drives, road widening, and topsoil spreading continues on the site.  Inside the building, floor installation has begun in the single story classroom section of the building.  Cabinet installation is near completion throughout the building while installation of HVAC chilled beam units, hallway heaters, cafeteria ceiling clouds, control wires, and painting continues throughout the building.  The building is on schedule to be opened for school in January 2020.

At General Sherman, exterior brick installation is complete on the single story classroom section of the building while home run and branch electric lines are being installed inside the section.  Yellow foam insulation is being applied to the exterior of the two story classroom section while acid waste lines, electric home runs and electric branch lines are being installed inside the section.  Interior concrete masonry block walls are being constructed in the gymnasium and cafeteria sections while roof installation is underway over the student dining area.  The building in on schedule to be open for school to start the 2020-2021 school year.

Steve Wigton

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