1st Quarter

Life Science

State Standard:  Reproduction is necessary for the continuation of every species. 

BIG QUESTION:  Which form of reproduction is best?

Reproduction:  Chapter 11: MS Cell Division, Reproduction, and DNA (cK12 text book to help you understand concepts:)

Vocabulary Words for this section:  

-Asexual Reproduction
-Sexual Reproduction

State Standard:  The characteristics of an organism are a result of inherited traits received from parent(s).

BIG QUESTION:    How are traits inherited?

GeneticsChapter 12: MS Genetics (c-K12 text book to help you understand concepts:)

Important Vocabulary:

-Dominant Allele
-Recessive Allele
-Heterozygous (hybrid)
-Homozygous (purebred)
-Punnett Square

State Standard:  Diversity of species occurs through gradual processes over many generations.  Fossil records provide evidence that changes have occurred in number and types of species.  

BIG QUESTIONS:  How have species changed over time?  How do we know?

Chapter 13: Evolution (c-K12 text book to help you understand concepts:)
The findings of Charles Darwin leading to the theory of evolution by natural selection, the history of life on Earth, and the evidence of evolution are discussed in this chapter.
This chapter discusses the idea that diversity of traits are present in a single species.
Important Vocabulary:
-Fossil Record



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