Moon WebQuest

Task One - Moon Matching

- Click on the following link to complete the Moon Matching activity  

- Complete the Moon Phase Chart on your worksheet


Task Two - Definitions

- Click on the following link to an online dictionary  

- Write the definition for each term on your worksheet


Task Three - Birthday Moon

- Click on the link below to look up your birthday moon (record on your worksheet of course)


Task Four - Moon Phase ID

- Change the date to December 2015 (using the same website as above) and complete the questions on your worksheet.


Task Five - Picture This

- Use any of your resources to help you figure out each of the phases by analyzing the alignment of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

- Try one of these links if needed....

* You may not need any resources at all!


Task Six - Quick Quiz

- Go to Quizlet (link below), practice with flashcards and when you're ready, take the test.  Do not close out of your quiz until you get teacher initials!