Share about your story. 

Include your first name/grade & title of book as your first two lines, then begin your blog.

You can pick from these topics to blog:

  • something that surprised you & why
  • something you found interesting & why
  • an interesting or important character & how/why
  • parts of the book that are confusing
  • your thoughts and feelings about the author's message
  • why you thing the author chose the title and evidence to support it
  • your predictions & text evidence proving if they were correct
  • text-to-self connections
  • text-to-text connections
  • text-to-text connections
  • the ending and your feelings about it use evidence
  • why you think the author wrote the book
  • whether or not you would recommend the book & reasons
  • what you would change abou the book & why
  • whether the book is easy, just right, or challenging
  • why you abandoned the book & your next step
  • what you want to remember about the book & why