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FIP Links

The following are valuable sites to help you as you FIP your classroom...

May 17th LATE Start...

Austin’s Butterfly


*Fidelity Walks...

     Tarhe Trails (Oct 28, Wednesday)

     Adolescent Literacy Link - grades 4-12

     Robert Frost Lesson

     Theme Poems



     Tiered Lesson Explanation

     ODE ELA Vertical Progressions


     Gorsuch West (Nov 20, Friday)


*November 2015 Late Start...

EET Video 

ODE ELA Vertical Progressions


Better Lessons


*October 2015 Late Start...

Oral Formative Assessment

Oral Formative Assessment #2

EET Link

Using CFAs to Improve Teaching and Learning

Self Assessments : Reflections from Teachers and Students

Reteach and Enrich


*Resource Sites...

Howard County Math Instructional resources & sssessments by CCSS

Common Core Worksheets Rich RTI resource includes Math Models

Rubistar Create your own rubrics

Think Central

Achieve the Core ELA & Math Tools for Common Core


*Deconstructing Standards...

YouTube of How to Deconstruct Standards

Deconstructing Standards Curriculum Institute Handouts


*Student Evidence...

Tools for Great Teachers

Teaching Students to Self-Assess video from FIP presentation

Collecting & Documenting Evidence of Student Learningvideo from FIP presentation

Responding to Evidence Through Differentiationvideo from FIP presentation


*Teacher Sites Mentioned at FIP Mtgs...

Learn Zillion

Engaged NY Filter your content area, grade level, and find deconstructed standards & lessons

Battelle For Kids Assessment Livebinder

Louisiana Website for Common Core

Quizlet ELA Academic Language



Collecting Evidence Video : ELA